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2019 Library Database and Journal Cancellations

January 24th, 2019

In December, the Library notified faculty of our preliminary plans for database and journal cancellations for the coming fiscal year. This will mark the fifth consecutive year that the Library’s budget has been cut, and each cut necessitates increasingly significant cancelations for the Library and the faculty & students whom we support. Two years ago, we cancelled individual print and online journal subscriptions. Last year the Library lost four reference/instruction librarian positions through layoffs and attrition at the now closed regional libraries. This upcoming fiscal year we will lose a reference/instruction librarian position at Gleeson, and we will be cancelling major databases and journal packages.

For more detailed background information on Library budget cuts and cancellations including a list of proposed database and journal cancellations, see:

We are all dealing with budget cuts, but because the Library supports all faculty and their programs & students, these are your cuts as well. You will feel them as keenly as we do. We encourage you to send us feedback about our proposed cancellations, but also encourage you to consider whether the Library, in uniquely supporting all academic programs, should be treated differently when it comes to budget cuts that will impact all academic departments—and provide this feedback to the administration.

New resources during budget cuts?

Strange as it sounds, we do acquire new resources even while implementing budget cuts. Each year the Library has some funds from endowed accounts. These funds fluctuate with the market and are consequently unpredictable year to year. This makes them risky to use for ongoing journal and database subscriptions, but ideal for what we refer to as “one-time-purchases.� Such purchases include something as small as a single book, or as large as an online journal archive. In fact, since we no longer have a budget to buy books, all of these purchases use endowed funds. Some of our most recent one-time-purchases include: 

Image: “Ice Cracks” by Brett Davis

Library Systems Department Update

January 24th, 2019

The USF Library’s Systems Department has been working hard behind the scenes to improve services for students, faculty, and staff! Here are some of our recent projects.


The implementation of OpenAthens, the Library’s new authentication system to access online resources (databases, ejournals, ebooks, and streaming videos), entered its final phase at the end of last year. In support of this project, the Systems Department decommissioned the previous authentication system. As a reminder, this change in service requires everyone who shares permalinks to library resources through Canvas or elsewhere on the web, to check their links. If your links are broken or lead to errors, search again for these resources through the library site and update your links.

Server Migration

In December and January, the Systems Department worked closely with our Integrated Library System vendor and the USF ITS team to coordinate a migration of our library database and catalog to new AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud servers. This move will provide increased reliability and security, ensuring that our library catalog works consistently for our patrons and that our library staff can continue to provide excellent description of, and access to, library resources.

Workday Integration

With the recent implementation of Workday for many of the USF Human Resources functions, the Systems Department spent a lot of time working with the Workday team to ensure that the library continued to get accurate data and up-to-date patron records loaded into its library system. This work enables the library to have library accounts ready for new students, faculty, and staff so they can check out books and access the library’s electronic resources when they start at the university. It also means that existing patrons have their information updated correctly in our library system so that access to resources is uninterrupted.

Gleeson Web Interfaces Assessment

Efforts have begun to evaluate and assess Gleeson’s public web interfaces. This includes the main library website, as well as the various catalog and search interfaces. The Systems Department is looking at ways to improve the accessibility, usability, and responsiveness of these sites. This work will identify opportunities to improve online library services and overall user experience.

Introducing Gleeson Library’s newest Librarian: Annie Pho

January 24th, 2019

Annie is joining the Reference and Instruction team and will serve as the Instruction Coordinator and Assessment Librarian. Please join us in welcoming her!

Photo of Annie Pho

In her role, Annie will lead the library’s information literacy instruction program. The library instruction program allows librarians and faculty to collaborate on lesson plans and instruction sessions that support student learning, particularly in the areas of research and information literacy. Instruction sessions are usually taught in the library’s electronic classroom, which allows for hands-on activities and active searching. Annie was drawn to the Instruction Coordinator & Assessment Librarian position primarily because it focuses on teaching and learning. In her previous role at UCLA’s Powell Library she was the Inquiry and Instruction Librarian, and the Team Lead for Research Assistance.

Another factor that drew Annie to USF was the institution’s commitment to social justice. Annie is is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of information literacy and social justice. She recently co-edited the book Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in Library and Information Science. The 2018 text (Library Juice Press) uses intersectionality as a framework to experiences of women of color in library and information sciences.

Annie and her co-editor, Rose L. Chou, found there was very little published on the experiences of women of color in librarianship, and even less that used a feminist perspective. The edited volume has been very well received– Annie states that “there’s a recognition that this is something that is missing from Library and Information Science literature, and our book is meant to just be the start of the conversation.â€�

Her next project expands on topics addressed in Pushing the Margins by using critical race theory to analyze data on women of color in librarianship, with a particular focus on emotional labor, invisible labor, and self-care practices.  Annie and her co-author will be presenting preliminary findings at the Association for College and Research Libraries conference this spring, and will then move on to drafting their book chapter.

When Annie isn’t teaching, writing, or conducting research, she likes to explore art museums, ride her bike, and  hang out with her spouse and two cats. We are so happy Annie has joined USF and Gleeson Library. Welcome, Annie!

Interlibrary Loan for Faculty: What’s New

January 24th, 2019

Welcome back all to campus! In case we haven’t met, I’m Shelley Carr the new Interlibrary Loan coordinator at Gleeson Library. I started in March of 2018, and have met some but not all of you. If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my brief bio here.

Just in case you are unfamiliar, Interlibrary loan is the action and process of borrowing books, articles, and other materials from other libraries when an item isn’t available in our library. You can request myriad books, articles, audiovisual materials, theses & dissertations, and more from other academic libraries, public libraries, and cultural institutions from around the world.

I’m here to help, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are trying to source a journal article, book or other scholarly resource that’s tricky to find.

With introductions out of the way, there are a few things to know including an important change to our ILL policies for Faculty:

  • We always try to secure ILL requests at no cost to you. While this is our goal, and we’re quite successful at securing materials at no cost, this unfortunately is not always the case.
  • Interlibrary loan requests for faculty will now be covered up to 35$ per request. When making your ILL requests, please make sure you are listed as a faculty member so that I can be sure to include that max-cost of 35$.  
  • Interlibrary requests by students and staff are still paid by the requestor. If your department is willing to cover any requests for students/staff, you will need to arrange to reimburse them. I always try and get items for free, regardless of whether Gleeson is covering the cost or not, but any fees must be paid by the requesting student or staff member. As previously mentioned, filling out the max-cost field is important so we can meet your needs if we cannot find libraries willing to lend for zero cost.
  • I am now offering Interlibrary-loan-focused class visits and one-on-one meetings with faculty members. Do you feel like you are fielding a lot of questions from your students about filling out ILL requests or how it all works? I’d be happy to come to your class and give a brief walkthrough on requesting ILL items, either in tandem with your librarian liaison, or separately. I’d like to offer this as an option in support for your students, and to encourage better student research. Additionally, if you are a new faculty at USF this offer extends to you as well! I’d be happy to make a time to meet with you and show you around the library’s interlibrary loan and consortia lending options. It shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

Additionally, there is an Interlibrary loan guide on the Gleeson Library website here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great semester! If you have any questions about anything related to Interlibrary borrowing, please don’t hesitate to email me at or call 415 (422)-5385. Please feel free to come by the library and introduce yourself!

Digital Collections Highlight: Practicing Ignatian Pedagogy; Ignatian Colleagues Program

January 23rd, 2019

Here at Gleeson Library we have a wealth of resources that are readily available in our Digital Collections. Our Digital Collections include materials from our own community including many academic works from our students and faculty. Thanks to the great work of two past Gleeson Library Librarians, Vicki Rosen and Jessica Lu, Practicing Ignatian Pedagogy is a wonderful digital collection that provides a vast array of resources that highlight important Jesuit values for faculty and staff to internalize in all of their work. This is a space where faculty can access ideas on how best to implement Jesuit values into the core of their position. As the start of the Spring semester rolls in, faculty can utilize this collection as a framework and can apply the context of these Ignatian values that are at the core of USF’s mission to their everyday practices.

The Ignatian Colleagues Program Repository (ICP) is another great space that highlights resources for faculty who are looking for professional development in embodying the Jesuit values and traditions of our campus. The ICP is a program that formed under the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) in which they strive in “exploring the intersections between Jesuit catholic identity, Ignatian spirituality and the complex issues we face as a community around diversity, equity and inclusion.� This repository of information supports the research and interest of USF faculty who are looking to further their knowledge and take advantage of opportunities incorporating the Jesuit mission of USF.