Collaborations “R” Us

February 4th, 2020 by Debbie Benrubi Leave a reply »

Gleeson Librarians are here to collaborate with faculty! Besides the awesome research instruction that we deliver to your classes in our electronic classroom (or yours), there are lots of ways we love to work with your classes, using the library’s resources and your students’ creativity. Here are three of them:

Special Collections

Frankenstein Bicentenary poster

The Donohue Rare Book Room and its Special Collections provide a lab for exploring books, their history and material culture. Classes in history, sciences, literature, and the arts frequently conduct research in the Rare Book Room. For instance, in 2018 the students of Dr. Omar Miranda’s “Late Romantic Period” course helped to create an exhibit in the Rare Book Room of “Mary Shelley and Her Contemporaries: On the Bicentennial of Frankenstein.”

Uncovered: exhibit poster

Students teach students when our Special Collections are the subject of displays and exhibits created by graduate and undergraduate Museum Studies classes, where students come up with the ideas, selections, interpretations, and publicity, and then execute the installations. You might want to devise your own explorations of our Special Collections. Just this week, an exhibit curated from our collection by Associate Professor of Design Stuart McKee opened in the Rare Book Room: “The Revival of Printing: The Arts and Crafts Aesthetic of the Book.”

Zine Library

The Gleeson Zine Library collects and circulates zines (self-published magazines) with a focus on social justice and on representation of our diverse USF community. The Zine Library Collective (library workers who like zines!) have collaborated with Media Studies, MFA, Sociology, Anthropology, Urban Agriculture, and Muscat Scholars faculty, to name just a few whose students have participated in zine workshops and added to the library collection. In class visits to the Zine Library, students learn about zines and create them.

The Voice of a New Generation, example of a group-made zine

For example, students may work on assignments individually and make different zines or put their creations together to make a single zine, or they might work on group projects and collaborate on one topic. We can work with you on whatever outcomes you want for your classes. (And you can donate zines too!)

Seed Library

Decorated seed packets

Alongside a collection of books and media about seeds, urban agriculture and sustainable food production, the USF Seed Library, housed in Gleeson Library, helps teach students about the connections between people, the food we eat, the labor that goes into it and the land where it grows. Classes regularly visit the Seed Library where Seed Librarians lead discussions of issues around growing food and feeding people. To make their learning tangible the students might create beautiful and informative seed packets to distribute seeds to the community; students take seeds to plant at home or with their classes; and they sometimes cook meals with ingredients that they helped to grow. We also bring the seed library out to the community in collaboration with students and classes for events like community dinners, seed swaps and Earth Day celebrations. Let us know if you want to introduce your students to the Seed Library.

Let’s talk!

To schedule any class in the library, fill out a short Class Instruction Request and we will follow up with you. Of course if you have any questions just see the contact information on the web pages linked above.


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