Therapy Dogs Are Here to Help With Midterms

October 1st, 2018 by Fabiola Hernandez-Soto Leave a reply »

Take a break from midterms and come meet some adorable pups, shake some paws and snuggle up. Join us on Wednesday, October 10th at the Gleeson Library lobby, any time between 1PM-2:30PM.

We have been partnering with SPCA for the past 5 years bringing you Furriends for Finals. Our first SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) outreach event began December in the Fall of 2013! During finals week, we have welcomed SPCA volunteers and their friendly adorable pups at Gleeson library. AAT volunteers and canine companions go through training and a certification program that evaluates and affirms that the team meets all Animal Assisted Therapy requirements. Goals of the AAT program are to facilitate communication, healing and motivation through animal companionship and interaction.

Coming into our 5 year mark we bring you Furriends for Midterms! We could all use a little more love and animal therapy this year, and Gleeson has you covered.





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