Khmer unicode for samsung galaxy s2

Khmer type: khmer.apk on galaxy note ii (updated), Hi, you are great. i love khmer font. right now i have nexus 7 run android 4.2.2 how can i install khmer font on it? if possible please help me.

Khmer unicode for samsung galaxy s2 images

Samsung Galaxy S2 Lte SHV-E110S Jelly Bean 4.1.2 - KHMER-UNICODE(IOS ...
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Cambodia Android Samsung Galaxy S2 HD E120K Mods Style G3
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KitKat SlimKat Custom ROM Now Available for Samsung Galaxy S2
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    Hi, you are great. I love Khmer font. right now I have Nexus 7 run android 4.2.2 how can I install Khmer font on it? If possible please help me....
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