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cook from a book from gleeson library assignment

April 13th, 2012
cook from a book from gleeson library assignment for green media

1. last tuesday, we took a field trip to the TX section of gleeson library. each of you were asked to find and check out a cookbook that you found interesting.

2. select a recipe from your cookbook and cook it.

3. write up a blog post about your dish and post it to our course blog green media @ usf.

4. make sure your blog post has 4 photos (no more, no less): one that shows where your ingredients came from, one that shows your recipe, one that shows the cooking process, and one that shows the dish being served.

5. somewhere in your post say something interesting about the cookbook you selected.

6. sometime before class on tuesday, april 17, post a tweet that includes a link to your blog post.

7. in class on tuesday, be prepared to demo your work. if you have no work to demo, do not come to class.

30th Anniversary of America’s First Stamp Commemorating a Library

April 13th, 2012

Thirty years ago during National Library Week in April, 1982, the United States Postal Service issued a postage stamp commemorating the Library of Congress. Although there had been previous postage stamps on which library buildings had appeared, those were issued to commemorate academic and other institutions or architects.  Originally, the proposed stamp was to commemorate all of America's libraries collectively and the Library of Congress individually. A publicity photo of that stamp is shown above. Librarian of Congress Daniel Boorstin wasn't happy with the stamp, however, and the Postmaster General agreed to issue a separate stamp for the Library of Congress. That stamp is shown at the left. The America's Libraries stamp was issued in July of 1982 during the ALA Conference in Philadelphia. Both stamps were designed by noted graphic designer Bradbury Thompson. I wrote an earlier post about Thompson on the 100th anniversary of his birth. I wrote an article about the two 1982 library stamps in the August, 2007 issue of American Libraries for the 25th anniversary of the stamps. Both stamps appear of the First Day Cover for the America's Libraries stamp shown below. It is signed by both Daniel Boorstin and the ALA President Betty Stone. To see other U.S. libraries on stamps click HERE.

Best Bookmobile Websites

April 11th, 2012

Happy National Bookmobile Day! For this occasion I've selected some bookmobile websites for your enjoyment. The image above is of the cover of a large brochure put out by the Gerstenslager company in the 1970s. According to the inside copy, "This book has been written and printed with one basic help the professional librarian and library board member plan and develop a highly effective that completely fills the need, both of basics of body style, size and book-carrying capacity." I picked it up at an ALA conference.

The American Library Association's National Bookmobile Day webpage

American Libraries Magazine's Pinterest Bookmobiles Image Collection

The Library History Buff's Tribute to Bookmobiles

Bookmobiles Parnassus on Wheels (Flickr Group)

Palmer School of Library and Information Science Bookmobile website

The First Bookmobile, WHILBR webpage

Wisconsin Library Heritage Center Bookmobile webpage

Bookmobiles on Postage Stamps

Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach Services (ABOS) website

Google Bookmobile Image Search

Celebrating National Library Week With Exhibits

April 10th, 2012

For several years I have displayed portions of my librariana collection in Wisconsin libraries during National Library Week. As I mentioned in my previous post I have an exhibit of my ALA Library War Service collection on display at the Hales Corners Public Library for April. During April and parts of May I also have an exhibit of my Wisconsin library memorabilia collection on display at the Waupaca Area Public Library. The exhibit at Waupaca features Andrew Carnegie's Wisconsin Library Legacy but also includes souvenir items for non-Carnegie libraries. Although the Waupaca library is now located in a fairly new facility, for many years it occupied a Carnegie building which now houses the Waupaca Historical Society. My exhibits are under the auspices of the Wisconsin Library Heritage Center for which I am chair of the Steering Committee. For 2012, exhibits will be on display in a library for every month except December. Exhibits are a great way to help publicize National Library Week and to encourage people to visit the library. Exhibits which focus on library history are especially appropriate. Why not plan one for your library for next year's National Library Week. The images above are of the Waupaca exhibit.

new minor in urban agriculture

April 4th, 2012
it took nearly a year to get approved but now it's here: the new interdisciplinary minor in urban agriculture at the university of san francisco. with advising coming up next week, this page serves to a) describe the minor and its course requirements and b) list urban ag courses offered this summer and fall 2012. stay tuned for a more official web site soon!

Minor in Urban Agriculture
Students minoring in Urban Agriculture acquire critical understandings and creative skills in three integrated areas: Food systems and food justice; Food production and distribution; and Community-building and collaboration.

Course Requirements
Take one intro course (4 units):
ENVA 220: Introduction to Urban Agriculture (offered, in fall, as ENVA 390-02)

Take two courses in organic gardening (8 units):
ENVA 130: Urban Ag: Fall
ENVA 140: Urban Ag: Spring

Take two electives (8 units):
ANTH 235: The Anthropology of Food
ARCD 370: Construction Innovation Lab
ARCD 400: Community Design Outreach
BUS 304: Management & Organizational Dynamics
BUS 389: Advanced Culinary Skills
ENGL 235: Literature and the Environment
ENVA 145: Community Garden Outreach
ENVA 390: Special Topics in Urban Agriculture
HIST 341: Feast and Famine: A History of Food
MS 301: Green Media

Learning Goals
Upon completing a minor in Urban Ag, students will be able to:

1. Integrate diverse disciplinary perspectives to understand today’s complex food systems – both dominant and alternative;
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the food/environmental movement and contribute to various efforts taking place within San Francisco and the Bay Area;
3. Master advanced skills in organic gardening and urban homesteading and demonstrate ability to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve food grown in San Francisco; and
4. Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively with others within USF’s Garden Project and in community gardens and kitchens across the Bay Area.

Urban Ag courses offered in Summer and Fall 2012

Summer 2012:
ENVA 301: Buck Mountain Experimental Station Summer Immersion (Melinda Stone, July 10-July 20, 2012)

MS 301: Green Media at Buck Mountain Experimental Station (David Silver, July 24-August 10, 2012)

Fall 2012:
ANTH 235: The Anthropology of Food: Culture, Class, Power, and Change (Rue Ziegler, MW 4:45-6:25 pm)

ARCD 400-01: Community Design Outreach (Instructor TBA, TR 9:55 am - 12:40 pm)

ARCD 400-02: Community Design Outreach (Instructor TBA, TR 12:45-3:30 pm)

BUS 304: 01-10: Management and Organizational Dynamics (See class schedule for different sections)

BUS 389: Advanced Culinary Skills (Jean-Marc Fullsack, M 6:30-8:15 pm)

ENVA 130: Community-Based Urban Agriculture (Justin Valone, M 11:45 am - 3:25 pm)

ENVA 145: Community Garden Outreach (Melinda Stone, R 12:45-4:25 pm)

ENVA 390-01: Advanced Urban Agriculture (Justin Valone, W 11:45 am - 3:25 pm)

ENVA 390-02 (counts towards ENVA 220): Introduction to Urban Agriculture (Rue Ziegler, TR 8:00-9:45 am)