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New Student Service

October 23rd, 2009

On the voting ballot for Senators, students were asked what addition they would have as a student service. I personally did not like many of the options.

Some of the proposals were:

-Hair salon and barbershop-Why in the world would we need to have this on our campus? Seriously. Go get your hair done at the mall or something.

-Skateboard and bicycle shop-A good idea in theory, in reality having a shop on campus would mean ridiculous prices for things you can just buy elsewhere for cheaper. I still don’t see too much relevance as to why this should be on our campus.

-Bicycle Sharing Program-Sounds interesting, unless you think about people with sicknesses and conditions touching all over the bicycle and then you ride it after. A good idea but not really great.

-Mail Delivery and Copy Center-This one is useful! However, there is a Postal Office right across the street from the Marshall Center, so is it really necessary? Can’t you copy things on campus anyway. While a useful thought, it might just be redundant to make something like this on campus.

My suggestion:

-Arcade-When the new Marshall Center game, the old Marshall Center arcade was wiped away. There really are not many fun things to do in the Marshall Center besides lounge around and play pool at Beef O Brady’s (which is limited). The arcade at the University of Florida is pretty awesome and I think that the University of South Florida should adopt one as well.

USF Gawad Kalinga Rally

October 18th, 2009

Gawad Kalinga is a movement to abolish poverty by building homes for the homeless, that began in the Philippines and is now spreading across the world. Speakers came to the University of South Florida on Saturday to speak about the difference they make in the lives of the homeless and how USF Bulls can get involved with making this change as well.

USF Student Melissa Barrido shared her story about how life changing it was for her when she went to the Philippines last summer and helped build homes for the homeless and what a great experience it was helping others.

A student organization representing Gawad Kalinga on the USF campus is currently being formulated and if you are interested in the helping the poor and donating some of your time and effort to a good cause, you should seek out this new organization.

You can add the Facebook Group for the new organization at: