Black Student Union’s 50th Anniversary

January 23rd, 2019 by Reimi Akin Leave a reply »

This past fall, University of San Francisco celebrated the Black Student Union’s 50th anniversary!  At Gleeson Library, we have a multitude of resources highlighting events/ documents that took place during the early years of BSU. Our online scholarship repository provides digitized archival materials that provide access to these unique events. We are able to look back at the stories and happenings during the most formative years of BSU, including newsletters, flyers, minutes from meetings, and much more.

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Brown, Daphyne and Barconey, Linda, “Three Phases of the Black Man” (1972). Black Student Union. 4. 

Black Student Union, “Black Student Union Meeting Minutes and Notes, April 1970” (1970). Black Student Union. 9. 

The repository allows you to navigate archives starting from the year 1968, as well as explore the campus climate at that time.  This repository continues to be a platform to expand the rhetoric and mission of the Black Student Union and promote diversity/ representation throughout the our campus.


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