Top Five Library Resources from Gleeson’s Student Assistants

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We asked some of our student assistants what they think are the top five resources offered at Gleeson Library. Check out their awesome food recommendations and favorite viewpoints in San Francisco!

Delia – Access Service Student Assistant

  1. Hidden gem – the seed library! ‘Check out’ different seeds, plant them, and write down where! Help yourself to seeds, and help out the bees! (Or pick out some herbs to add a freshness to meals).
  2. Too much noise in the city? Roommate facetiming constantly and need to study? The silent study areas of the library are a sanctuary of quiet from busses and other distracting noises, for when you need to super focus on your test the next morning. 
  3. We all have so much to do, between school, work, a social life, trying to check out every boba place within a few miles…Sometimes, we just need a nap. The atrium’s red couches, or the study pods placed on every floor, are the perfect places to curl up when you just need a quiet place to rest.
  4. Hate studying alone? Have a group project due soon? Book a study room and get your friends together, order some delivery, and get the work done with plenty of space for everyone.
  5. My personal favorite place in the library is in the stacks! Drifting through from the basement to the third floor, tracing the dusty bindings with my fingers, I feel a connection to the past. Take a peek at our Library of Congress card to find out where your favorite genres are, take some time to explore the titles, and come on down to the front desk to check a book out!

    Favorite Spot to Eat in San Francisco: Veganburg
    Favorite View in San Francisco: Lands End

Zoe – Access Service Student Assistant

Alana Cree – Reference Student Assistant

Heidi Warde – Cataloging Student Assistant

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