IFLA Bibliophilately

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The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) is holding its 82nd General Conference and Assembly in Columbus, Ohio this week.  The first such conference took place in Rome, Italy in 1928. At past conferences, several host countries have recognized the IFLA conference with postage stamps and other postal artifacts. These include:  Belgium in 1977 on the 50th anniversary of IFLA; the Philippines in 1980; Kenya in 1984; Japan in 1986; and Vatican City in 2009 when IFLA met in Milan, Italy.  Images of these items can be found in a previous post that I made about IFLA bibliophilately. Han Krol has more about the stamps on his Dutch Librariana website (translate with Google translator).  More about the history of IFLA can be found on its website. More about bibliophilately can be found HERE.

Tours of Gleeson Library

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Curious about Gleeson Library? Want to learn more about the building and how we can help you? Join us for a library tour! There’s no need to sign up, just come to one our tours. Each tour lasts about 30 minutes and a library staff member will walk with you around Gleeson and tell you about some of the services the library offers.

Tours meet inside the library’s main doors in the building lobby.

Tours are given:

Monday August 22 at 2pm

Tuesday August 23 at 10am

Wednesday August 24 at 3:30pm

Thursday August 25 at 12 noon

Friday August 26 at 11am

Hope to see you there!

ALA Pinback Buttons

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If you’ve ever attended a library conference the odds are that you’ve brought home a few of the pinback buttons that vendors give away in the exhibits.  I have an enormous library button collection that I’ve accumulated at library conferences and which have been given to me by other collectors.  Below are a few buttons from my collection related to the American Library Association. More examples from my collection can be found HERE.

Library Hours – Fall 2016

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Fall 2016 Hrs

More Vintage Library Cards

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I’ve added a few more items to my collection of vintage library cards which are shown below. For more vintage library cards see a previous post and the page on my website devoted to vintage library postcards. 

Boston Mercantile Library, 1823

New Haven Young Men's Institute, 1879

Milwaukee Public Library, 1901

Stockton, CA Public Library, 1912

Cincinnati Public Library, 1939