Dead Hour Carn-Evil @ Gleeson Library

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Join us on the second floor of Gleeson Library on October 31st for a Halloween carnival from 12 – 1 pm.

There will be free food, games, mazes, scary stories, and tons of prizes! The grand prize is a gift card to the USF bookstore.

Gif of a person dressed up as Michael Myers from the movie Halloween. Person is dancing to inaudible music.

Come in your best costume to participate in the costume contest. There will also be a photo booth with props and spooky designs. Enter the maze into our haunted study room – if you dare!

Accessibility Information:
The second floor is accessible by the elevator and the stairwell. There are two wheelchair accessible, gender inclusive, single-stall restrooms. For additional information please contact Amy Gilgan at x6963.

New ebooks at Gleeson October 1, 2019

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Bodies, souls, life past and future in recently purchased ebooks at Gleeson Library:

Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals (unlimited users)

Trans: Transgender Life Stories from South Africa (unlimited users)

The Past Before Us: Mo’oku’auhau as Methodology (unlimited users)

Are We Bodies or Souls? (multiple copies)

Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education: Mapping the Long View (unlimited users)

Limits of Westernization: American and East Asian Intellectuals Create Modernity, 1860-1960 (unlimited users)

For technical assistance in reading eBooks, read our guide Using Ebooks.

Unlimited users: An unlimited number of people can read or download the eBook at one time.
1 User: Only one person can read or download the eBook at a time.
3 User: Up to three people can read or download the eBook at a time.
Multiple copies: A certain number of loans are available each year. After a free browse period of ten minutes, downloading, copying or printing from the ebook is a loan.

Celebrating the Feast of St. Jerome

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Monday, September 30th, is the Feast of St. Jerome, the patron saint of librarians, libraries, and scholars, including encyclopedists and translators. Gleeson Library | Geschke Center celebrates the Feast of St. Jerome each year. 

This year, I’m using the Feast of St. Jerome as an opportunity to reflect upon other librarians who have made an impact on my life, the library profession, and our world. I’ll be thinking about librarians whom I’ve worked with and who have mentored me, and librarians whom I’ve enjoyed learning about and have been inspired by (such as Anne Hadden, Pura Belpre, Arna Bontemps, Audre Lorde, Shiyali Ranganathan, Ross Atkinson, Carla Hayden, and SF locals Celeste West and Luis Herrera to name just a very few).

Cheers to St. Jerome! Cheers to Libraries and Librarians! And, most importantly, cheers to you — our blog readers and library users, the reason why libraries and our profession exists!

p.s. Here is a round-up of blog posts we’ve written about St. Jerome over the years:

Feast of St. Jerome

Who was St. Jerome

Saint Jerome and Fake News

Saints and Librarians

p.p.s. Since St. Jerome was considered the patron saint of encyclopedists, here is a link to the Gleeson Library’s excellent suite of online encyclopedia collections


Register to Vote!

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Three important elections are on the horizon:

Nov. 5, 2019 — Local Elections
March 3, 2020 — California Primary Election
Nov. 3, 2020 — United States Presidential Election

Are you ready? Registering to vote is easy. It takes less than two minutes to fill out a form on paper. Join us on September 30th and October 16th from 12 to 1 PM in Thacher Gallery in Gleeson Library. If you are already registered and you want to request an absentee ballot from your state, please go to  Your vote matters!

Happy Constitution Day!

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In honor of Constitution Day, we are celebrating immigrant rights at Gleeson Library. Come visit our display near the entrance to Thacher Gallery. While you’re here, pick-up a pocket constitution, a Ben Franklin tattoo, and Red Cards from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. Many thanks go to Juliana Molina, a Gleeson Library Student Assistant, for creating the informative posters that accompany the display. “Constitution Day” celebrates the ratification of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. On this day, 232 years ago, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia, PA to sign this landmark document. The Constitution established our national government and fundamental laws, and continues to guarantee basic rights for U.S. citizens AND immigrants. The Bill of Rights became part of the U.S. Constitution in 1791. Check out Gleeson Library’s Constitution Day Guide to online resources. -->